How do I book an appointment QUICKLY?

By ensuring our office receives everything in one, single, mailed package:

    • Mail COPIES of all 7 items in below list (#6 is optional) in ONE packet to 1517 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94703.
    • Keep originals. Single-sided copes only, please! No faxes or scans sent in email, please. We can't mail back records except CDs of imaging reports.
    • Keep records in marked sections (lab results, bone density tests, etc.). Organize by recent reports on top.
    • Please indicate on the checklist if you want the Foundations (Phase I) or Comprehensive Package (Phases I and II).
    • After we’ve received all documents (including DXAs from imaging facilities), you receive a link to schedule and pay online. Online payment is best, but if absolutely necessary you may include a check with your records.
  • The link for the Comprehensive package (2 appointments) allows you to pay in full, or half upfront, and the rest when you book your final appointment. NOTE: link expires within 90 days of the first visit.


We require the following from you. Click to print the first 4 forms & instructions:

1.  Packet checklist

2.  Health questionnaire filled out completely (10 pages)

3.  7-day diet diary filled out completely

4.  Instructions for getting DXA reports from the imaging facility (not your doctors' office)

5.  Last 3-5 years of blood work, and all relevant bone-related tests (obtain from your MD's Records Department)

6.  CDs of X-rays and only bone-related MRI reports such as fractures. (Please, no film hard copies which may be requested later if necessary.)

7.  Self-addressed, stamped envelope for returning CDs (if any)


We look forward to working with you!

Warm regards,

Dr. Lani Simpson & The Office Team