DXA Bone Density Test Review

Dr. Simpson provides an expert analysis of your bone density (DXA) scans and reports. In her audio report, she thoroughly assesses the reliability of your tests, and conducts a comparison analysis if you have more than one test. If there is an error that is correctable, she will provide you with an example of what the DXA facility needs to correct so that your bone density comparison will be reliable.  When you schedule a Bone Density Analysis, you are NOT scheduling an appointment with Dr. Lani. You are scheduling a deadline by which you will receive your audio report from her. Please read the instructions below: 

  • Use this form to get the correct pages of your DXAs from your imaging facility.
  • Mail all bone images and reports at least 2 weeks before your scheduled deadline: 1517 Addison St, Berkeley CA 94703.
  • Include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope so we can return your CDs to you.
  • This is not an appointment, but a delivery deadline by when Dr. Simpson will email her audio report to you. 
  • When booking, select a time at least 3 weeks out, to give us time to receive your mailed DXA reports and Dr. Simpson time to analyze them. Instructions are also provided when you schedule.

Click the desired service below to schedule and pay:

1 - 2 DXA Reports $125         
3 - 4 DXA Reports $175