Initial Exploratory Session

Dr. Lani is accepting a limited number of new Phase I patients at this time. The Initial Exploratory Session is available for anyone who is seeking more information regarding bone health. Once you sign up you will receive some questions regarding your case for Dr. Simpson to review prior to your meeting time.

30-minute Initial Exploratory Session

On this call, Dr. Simpson will offer her opinion regarding your next steps, which may include the Bone Health Assessment Program. You will be able to discuss your case, including your diagnosis. We do not accept documents before this call. After your call is scheduled, you will receive a questionnaire by email to be completed before your appointment.

There are two phases designed to educate and support you to learn and be more proactive in your bone health, but everybody starts in the same place, with an initial 30-minute exploratory session. You meet with Dr. Simpson remotely by phone, video-conference, or in-person.

Schedule 30-minute Exploratory