Health Care Providers/YMCA

Invite Dr. Lani to speak to your community


Invite Dr. Lani to speak at your local libraries, YMCAs, health centers and gyms.
When Dr. Lani presents, it’s standing room only — any time of day or week. Attendees will fill a room for 80-100 people easily.

Gain true visibility, as Dr. Lani publicly acknowledges you and your practice in front of the audience

  • 1 hour talk on bone health - includes, what the diagnosis of osteoporosis means, how to prevent osteoporosis, digestive health, nutrition, concerns about medications,
  • includes live 15-minute Q&A and book signing
  • 50+ people

For years, Dr. Lani’s been working with chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and integrative doctors to educate their communities on how to live a longer life with stronger bones.

How this works:

  1. Contact us at or 510-989-0933 M-F 10a-3p.
  2. We’ll send you a packet, complete with all the materials you’ll need for advertising the event (email content, flyers, etc.).
  3. We'll cross-promote the event to our 10,000+ fan base as well!
  4. Since Dr. Lani has a best selling book as well as a successful national PBS show (Stronger Bones, Longer Life) it is a clear winner and you will find and libraries and YMCAs will be eager to co-produce the presentation.

How you can make this successful:

  • Reach out to your fan base via email newsletters and social media
  • Connect with a local entity that already has a health-conscious following such as your local YMCA
  • Follow our information packet guide, timeline and materials
  • Bring Dr. Lani's book to the event coordinator