Hormones & Supplements

Dr. Simpson and nurse practitioner Judy Lane have a combined 50 years of experience helping women with balancing their hormones through an integrative approach. They share this knowledge to support women to learn more about what they can do to support a healthy hormonal balance naturally, and also to be able to work with their doctors to optimize their hormonal health. Judy Lane, NP, MS is the longtime Director of Women’s Health at Preventive Medical Center of Marin. 

What the package includes:

One-hour video with Dr. Lani’s colorful slide presentation

Downloadable notes for your viewing to follow the presentation

  • About the Endocrine System
  • What determines Hormone Balance?
  • What are Bio-identical hormones?
  • How are estrogens made in the body?
  • Progesterone – The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
  • What are Non-bioidentical/synthetic Estrogens:
  • What are Phytoestrogens?
  • What are the chemical sources of Estrogens
  • How are Hormones prescribed?
  • What are the effects of Estrogen?
  • What are the facts about Estrogen?
  • What are the symptoms of hormone imbalance for women?
  • Is Evista and other hormone replacement medications help balance hormone safely?

What others had to say about the BYOHE program:

“Lani has a wonderful ease of presentation style. Her presentations are well researched and documented. The prepared notes are excellent. Bonnie R.
“Dr. Simpson has the ability to explain an enormous amount of information backed by scientific evidence and great humor” Kirstin B, L.Ac.
“Lani offers balanced and a powerful presentations.” She empowers laypeople so they can make informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices and health care needs.” Lisa, M.D.
“Dr. Simpson is one of the best teachers I have experienced – love the notes” Kerry H.
“Dr. Simpson and Judy Lane are aware of the most current updates on hormone and menopause issues. All women should watch and re-watch this important presentation” Paula T, D.C., LAc.