Osteoporosis Medications
Dr. Lani Simpson

With  Jennifer Schneider MD, Ph.D and Lani Simpson DC, CCD.

Dr. Schneider is a physician certified in Internal Medicine. She is the author of 9 books and numerous articles in professional journals. In 2008 and 2010, she and others, presented a report to the FDA regarding atypical femur fractures (AFF) associated with long-term use of some bone medications, such as bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Boniva, Reclast, Actonel and others) and Prolia. Notes included with this purchase.

  • How do medications work?

  • Can overuse of bisphosphonate medications (Fosamax, Boniva, Reclast, Actonel and others) result in harmful consequences for bone health and CAUSE fragility fractures?

  • Are these medications dangerous to take for dental work? Do they cause osteonecrosis of the jaw?

  • Can BPs be safely prescribed if so, who can benefit?

  • A first-hand account of a non-traumatic fracture of the femur that Dr. Schneider experienced, following years of Fosamax use for “prevention” of osteoporosis.

  • New medications, how do they work and are they too new to consider?

  • Are medications over-prescribed?

  • How do anabolic medications (Forteo, Tymlos and Evenity) work?

  • Is estrogen an option to halt bone loss?

Book reading: Read chapter in Dr. Lani’s book on medications