Charlie Horse (Leg Cramps) Upsetting your Inner Stable-ity?

August 24, 2016 2 min read

Charlie Horse (Leg Cramps) Upsetting your Inner Stable-ity?

Those pesky leg cramps are telling you something.

From a horse stable in beautiful Sea Ranch, California, Dr. Lani reveals the secret messages within charlie horses, and gives this week's video health tips for battling the underlying causes.

Video Transcript:

Hi this is dr. Lani Simpson and here I am in a barn on the coast of Northern California. And behind me you can see an old trough more horses used to feed today I want to talk about muscle cramps and particularly those muscle cramps that can happen in both men and women.

Those the lower leg and the feet a lot of times people say oh yeah night I'll stretch my foot out i get this horrible cramp and the bottom of my foot or my my calf muscle well these are a lot of times we get these body sensations like that they're telling us something we need to be paying attention to.

What can cause these types of cramps well often you've had a deficiency of something for a period of time for that to develop so let's think about this for a second there are several things you can do that one would be dehydration.

I see dehydration a lot a particularly older folks by the way you're not drinking a lot because they don't want to go to the bathroom a lot so simple things sometimes calcium can do it calcium deficiency vitamin D deficiency because what does vitamin D do? One of the primary things it does is it pulls in calcium as well as magnesium and through the gut and by the way magnesium deficiency also huge in terms of muscle cramping because it relaxes the muscle potassium not getting the potassium can do it too and many medications so find out what is causing it.

How do you find out? Well you've got unfortunately a lot of times we just have to learn more and more about our own health picture and work with people who are going to look at the full picture of our bodies whether it's our muscles and bones we got to understand the nutrition and especially gastrointestinal health.

Make sure we're absorbing those nutrients from our food and/or supplements.

So that's my tip for the day. If you're getting these cramps pay attention get to the bottom of it You can find the best online HTML, CSS and JS tools at editors, code optimizers and more.