Bone Health Services and Appointments

Dr. Simpson is accepting a limited number of new clients.

Urgent question? Unsure if you need a full appointment?
Book a
20-minute phone call ($95) with Dr. Simpson here.
(Dr. Simpson does not review lab work or DXAs during these appointments.)

Dr. Simpson is a bone health educator and Certified Clinical Densitometrist (CCD). She provides expert review of your bone health records, bone density reports, and diet, while offering strategies and suggestions regarding your bone health management, as well as supportive information to offer to your respective healthcare providers. Dr. Simpson does not diagnose your bone condition or any other health conditions, nor does she prescribe medications. 

For clients who cannot meet in person, Dr. Simpson's role is to prepare you to make the most of your encounters with your healthcare providers.



Dr. Simpson offers two types of services, further described below:

  1. Bone Health Assessments, during which you meet with Dr. Simpson remotely by phone, video-conference, or in-person.
  2. DXA Review Analyses, for which you mail Dr. Simpson your DXA reports, but you DO NOT have an appointment with her (instead, she emails you a written report). 

Bone Health Assessment appointments with Dr. Simpson include not only her time with you, but also significant time outside the appointment reviewing your bone health history -- including bone density tests, labs, a questionnaire, and a 7-day diet diary (forms provided), writing her reports and performing other tasks on your behalf.


All New Clients: Start HERE

20-Minute Exploratory Session:

All new clients will start with an initial, 20-minute phone appointment, which you may schedule by clicking HERE.

During this appointment, Dr. Simpson will answer some of your initial questions, and familiarize herself with your personal case. She will not review any lab work or DXA (bone density) reports.

Next steps for those who wish to participate and Dr. Lani's bone health program. The bone program is broken down into two phases Foundations, (Phase One) and the bone health individualized recommendations and report, Phase Two.