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Join our Master Class as we delve deeper into crucial health issues so we can take ownership of our own health care and be informed when speaking with a healthcare provider. Our overall health is dependent on healthy bones, so stay up to date by joining us for weekly learnings!

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Wednesday LIVE webinars 2023 (ZOOM)
5:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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The Master Class provides live interviews with experts on many aspects of bone and joint heath. Common topics include hormones, kidney health, nutrients, medications, anxiety, depression, heart health, and digestive health. Our overall health is dependent on healthy bones, so stay informed and join us for weekly learnings!

Class format: The Master Class is a weekly zoom webinar with Dr. Lani, held on Wednesdays at 5:30pm (PST). If you can't attend live, you will be sent previous recordings every week, along with relevant notes. Upon joining the Master Class, you will receive an email with 3 or more recent webinar links, within 24 hours of your subscription purchase. Sign up before 5:00pm on Wednesday to join a class that evening!

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2023 Webinars:
Upcoming topics and Interviews

March 1st: Vertebral Fractures:while this is not a pleasant topic, it is critical for those of us with osteoporosis to know what to do if we do have a vertebral fracture. What do you do immediately if you think you may have fractured and the pros and cons of vertebral augmentation. When you have sustained a fracture it is hard to think clearly, so having this information ahead of time is very helpful.

March 8th: Interview with Sports Psychologist, Dr. Michelle Cleere
Dr. Cleere will share her thoughts geared for those of us that struggle with the diagnosis of osteoporosis and how we can work with our minds so that we do not feel STUCK! She has worked with top athletes and musicians from all over the world - don't miss this interview!
"Dr. Michelle helps her clients release performance anxiety, gain more confidence, and build resilience. With a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Sports Psychology, and years of hands-on research, she is well grounded in theory and expert knowledge. As many clients attest, their experience with Dr. Michelle is exactly what they needed and more than they expected, “It was life changing.”
March 15th: Interview with Endocrinologist, Dr. Priya Krishnamurti
Don't miss this interview. We will discuss hormone therapy for women and we will also discuss men. Can you start hormones after 10 years post menopause? What about testing with saliva, urine and blood? What does she think about compounding pharmacies? This will be a lively interview.
March 18th Lab Tests for bone health

March 29th:
Digestion and Our Bones.Have you been told you have malabsorption? Do you think you may not be absorbing your nutrients? Testing for the microbiome, is it accurate? Digestion is key for our overall health, the health of our bones and our overall health.

April 3rd: MONDAY, this is Instead of April 5th

QUESTIONS - ANYTHING GOES.What questions do you have? Any question you are puzzling over - ask away. You will more likely get your questions answered if you send it in ahead of time in the facebook group or email Sally if you cannot join that group

April 12th: No live webinar

April 19: Paul Miller MD

Interview with osteoporosis and kidney specialist Dr. Paul Miller MD.We will focus on Bone Turnover Markers. Yes, he is back again because we love his presence and years of experience.

April 26th: Interview with Surgeon and two-time Olympian Christina Morganti MD.She is also part of my osteoporosis group. How does she see osteoporosis? What is her experience when she is doing surgery on bone - normal? Soft? She specializes in Knee and shoulder surgeries.

Upcoming presentations:

  • Case Presentations: learn from others regarding their osteoporosis journey
  • Interview with Pediatric and adult osteoporosis with Kate Ackerman MD. Her focus is on athletes, but it really is for all of us to understand. This comment was made in my last doctors group by Dr. Ackerman.
  • Can Hypnotherapy be helpful for anxiety and sleep issues?Yes it can for some, are you a good candidate? I will interview a leading expert on this topic.

VIDEOS (notes available for some of the presentations - scroll down to check)

Upcoming Webinars to be Scheduled in February and March:

  • Genetic Testing for Osteoporosis: Should you consider testing? Which laboratories are doing the best work?
  • Interview with Didier Hans MD: Official date to be determined. We will discuss the Trabecular Bone Score system with its creator, Dr. Hans.  
  • What you Need to Know about Orthopedists and Osteoporosis: How much do they know about osteoporosis?
  • Case Presentations:Dr. Lani will review previous case studies and discuss key points.
  • Hormone Therapy…is it Right for you?An exploration of hormone therapy, bone health, and questions to ask if you are considering this treatment.
  • Can Hypnotherapy be Helpful for Anxiety and Sleep Issues?It can for some, but are you a good candidate? Dr. Lani will interview a leading expert on this topic.

Did you know:

  • Women can lose 20% of their bone mass following menopause
  • Bone density tests can be incorrect
  • Most doctors of any persuasion do not understand how to assess bone health on an individual basis
  • Most doctors do not order a full bone health lab analysis
  • Too much or too little vitamin D can result in bone loss and can also impact the health of your heart
  • Problems with the Thyroid, Parathyroid, kidneys or autoimmune conditions can result in active bone loss
  • One bone density test does not reflect active bone loss
  • Chronic insomnia and anxiety can result in bone loss
  • Advanced osteoporosis can be associated with heart disease
  • Most fractures occur because people fall

Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense bone Health Guide will be used as a guide for some of the webinars. Rereading appropriate chapters will help you understand additional information that Dr. Lani will present.

Previous Webinars:
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February 1st: What Exactly is Bone Quality?TBS (Trabecular Bone Score) explained! What should you do if you are unable to get tested for bone quality?  What nutrients support bone quality? Will medications improve bone quality and if so, which ones? Join us for answers and more on Wednesday.
February 8th: Foot fractures: metatarsal, ankle and leg fractures
Surgery and plates and screws, oh my! Should you have hardware removed? What questions should you ask your orthopedist or surgeon? What do you need to know if you wind up in the ER?  Join us for answers and more on Wednesday.
February 15th: Alternative Treatments for Bone Health
Fosteum, strontium and other supplements. Are these reliable? Should you take them?

Sleep and the Importance for Bone Health

Have you tried everything to get a good night's sleep? Do you feel you have been diagnosed properly regarding your sleep issues?

Osteoporosis and Heart Disease
People diagnosed with osteoporosis have a higher rate of heart disease, should you be concerned?

Hearing Loss: Osteoporosis and Arthritis connection

Hearing loss impacts us in many ways, including balance and thus, increase in falling risk. Come learn about how osteoporosis and arthritic conditions separately or in combination can result in hearing loss.

Antiresorptives: Prolia and Bisphosphonates


Evista or Hormone Therapy (HT):What is the latest and why are so many doctors living in the dark ages? Big surprise, there is a variety of ways, doctors of all persuasions, recommend HT - pellets, patches, creams, gels, on the skin, under the tongue or ingested, and now, drum roll please, anal suppositories. And we will also discuss Evista (Raloxifene).


Prolia (Denosumab)

This medication profoundly impacts bone as the more powerful anti-resorptive medication, but is it safe?


Final Thoughts on Antiresorptives

Boniva will be added to the conversation per request from a member


Can you REVERSE Osteoporosis Without Medications?

We hear about people claiming that they reversed osteoporosis. Are their claims true? Yes, some of them are true, but who are these people and are you one of them?

Overview of Osteoporosis Medications: Who Needs to Consider Medications and Why?

Understanding how medications work and the best options for you is important to understand so that you can be an informed consumer. Unfortunately, most doctors are not informed regarding how best to determine a medication based on a single set of bones.

Osteoporosis Medication Overview

Over the next 4 - 6 weeks we will review updates regarding antiresorptive medications such as hormone replacement, Evista, bisphosphonates and Prolia. We will also look at new studies regarding anabolics: Forteo, Evenity, and Tymlos.

Malabsorption: Part Two
SIBO, Irritable bowel, celiac, bloating and other conditions that result in gastric symptoms. We will also cover diagnosis and home treatments that just may work for you.

The Gray Area of Osteoporosis
Special emphasis on the GRAY area - who is in the gray area? The gray area is an area where you may or may not need medications for your bones. Have you fractured? Does it count as a risk factor?

Understanding Lab Tests: Part One

Who needs what tests regarding bone health? If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, what tests are needed to establish a broader and more complete understanding about your bone health, present and future fracture risk? Blood chemistry, vitamin D, PTH-intact and others will be discussed.


Understanding Lab Tests: Part Two
CBC-with platelets, B-12, both vitamin D tests, PTH-intact, protein electrophoresis and other important tests that may be needed to sort out your bone health.

Understanding Bone Turnover Markers (BTM)
BTM and our understanding of them and what they tell us is an ongoing learning experience. Most doctors do not understand the utility and importance of BTMs, or interpret these important tests.

24-hour Urine test for calcium/creatinine ratio

How should you think about the results of the Stone Formation Panel> 24-hour urine tests for sodium and protein will also be discussed.

Fractures, Facts and Fears Part One: What do fractures indicate? How bones fracture and why?

Bone Density Testing: Get your bone density test results ready. If you haven’t done so already, please try to get the diagnostic pages from the bone density facility that did your scans. You can look at the back of Dr. Lani’s book to see the pages.

Hormones! Interview and discussion with Dr. Lani, and Judy Lane, NP: There is a lot of confusion regarding the use of hormones for bone health. Women can lose as much as 20% of their bone density following menopause. This typically impacts small-framed women.

What Is Your Personal Fracture Risk? Assess Your Personal Fracture Risk with the FRAX 10-year fracture model. How accurate is FRAX? Does it speak to you? Please read the Chapter in Dr. Lani's Book on FRAX.

Nutrition and Bone Health: Dr. Simpson will use the Nutrition Chapter in her book as a guide for this webinar. What about all the diets that are promoted, from so many sources and health care providers? Are they good for your bone health? Vegan, Keto diet, Mediterranean diet are just three that will be discussed. What nutrients do you need? Can we get all our calcium from our food?

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