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Master Class with Dr. Lani

The health of our bones can be impacted by hundreds of things including: hormones, kidney health, nutrients, medications, anxiety, depression, heart health, digestive health and even sinus infections that drain our energy, to name a few. Our overall health is dependent on healthy bones. 

Our Master Class group will allow in-depth analysis to further educate attendees so that they can be informed patients and consumers! The group will provide interviews with world renowned experts on the many aspects of bone and joint heath.

Webinars are LIVE and will include Q&A. All members will receive a link to the recording within 5 days of the live event. When you join you will receive the previous webinar and the first webinar. Other past recordings will be available in the near future.

Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense bone Health Guide will be used as a guide for some of the webinars. Rereading appropriate chapters will help you understand additional information that Dr. Lani will present.

2020 ZOOM Wednesdays LIVE webinars

5:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

March 18thDealing with the Coronavirus, in the Most Positive Way

How to contend with times of stress! Food and exercise at home. We do not want to feel isolated if we are stuck at home working. We will discuss how to maximize our connecting with our bodies and the outside world in a more conscious way. One thing the Corona Virus has taught us is that we are all in this together. Let's support each other as we share our tips on how to eat healthy when we want to stress eat and how to maintain exercise at home. I will discuss how to use upper body weights at home mechanically correct. Don't have weights - let's get creative.

Past recordings - Do you want access to these presentations? Some are available for purchase now. Check to see which ones and more will be added soon - with NOTES! Click here

February 12th 
BEAUTIFUL SLEEP! What Causes Insomnia?
Sleep issues can be short or long-term. Causes of insomnia include hormone imbalance, thyroid disease, sleep apnea, nutritional imbalances and much more. Sleep issues are one of the most common conditions that Dr. Simpson has seen and worked with. Our bodies need restorative sleep for our bones, muscles and overall health. Plus, being sleep deprived is a risk factor for car accidents and other incidents where we can sustain injuries. Come learn differential diagnosis of insomnia and alternative treatment options and a look at current medications.

February 26th INTERVIEW
Interview with Elliott Schwartz MD who is one of the top bone specialists and nephrologists in the country. We will discuss bone markers, 24, hour urine test, and his experience with bone medications including Prolia.

March 11th Dental Health and Osteoporosis

Dental health effects all of us and as we age additional problems can arise.
Dr. Simpson has done considerable research in the area of dental health and osteoporosis. This is information that you need to make sure your case is handled properly.

• What happens to our jaw bones when we have osteoporosis?
• If you need dental work how risky are some of the bone medications?
• What do you need to know regarding getting dental care?
• Are there special things you need to mention to your doctor if you need an extraction with or without bone medications?
• What procedures preserve bone health in the jaw?
• Implants, pros and cons – mini implants, full implants, should you go to
another country to defray costs?
• Your doctor tells you are losing bone in your jaw bone. Does this mean it is a result of osteoporosis?
• Does your dentist have a full understanding regarding bone medications
and lab work?
• If you have amalgam fillings should you have them removed? How
concerned do you have to be regarding the mercury in amalgams? There is a lot of controversy regarding this topic.


January 8, 2020

SUGAR CRAVINGS - is it simply a matter of willpower?

Sugar cravings are real. Why is it that some people seem to be able to control their sugar intake while others cannot. Is the answer simply will-power. New research sheds light on how our brain works in relationship to sugar cravings.

Topics to be discussed: How can we decrease the cravings? How much does sugar impact our bones. Is a low carbohydrate diet the answer? How does protein and fiber impact sugar uptake? Are some sugars healthier than others? Is sugar inflammatory? Fruit sugar? Stevia and xylitol, are these good options?

January 15, 2020
Vitamin C and Our Bones

How much do we need? How does vitamin C impact bone health? Can too much be harmful? Can we get all we need from food?If we take supplements which forms are best? From high doses with Linus Pauling to osteoporosis being referred to, by some, as the new scurvy causing osteoporosis. This presentation is vital for your bone health and general health. Let's unpack the plethora of claims and scientific information.

Jan 29, 2020
Sinus Infections: Alternative treatments - Beyond Neti Pots

Everyone gets a sinus infection from time to time, however chronic sinus infections can rob you of sleep, energy and frankly a good mood.

Topics to be discussed: Causes of sinus infections - is it structural, allergies, bacterial, virus or a combination? Is tinnitus - ringing in the ears caused by sinus infections? Beyond Neti pots - what can be used to treat our sinus infections nutritionally and topically? Once you learn how to take care of your sinuses, for most people antibiotics will be a thing of the past. Dr. Simpson will also discuss her thoughts on types of sinus surgeries and when to consider.

Dec 4, 2019

What is your risk of fracturing your hip/femur bone? Dr.Lani will review Total Hip and Femur Neck bone density analysis, including FRAX– 10 year fracture prediction model. Common errors will be reviewed - have your bone density tests available, with images, to see if your test is correct.

Dec 11, 2019 

In general, most people consume too much salt and some are salt sensitive. How much does salt plays into our bone and kidney health? What does our blood sodium level tell us and should you consider getting a 24-hour urinary salt test, along with our 24-hour calcium test? Interpretation will be discussed for calcium and sodium.
Dec 18, 2019 
Is it osteoarthritis, labrum tear, muscle or tendon strain. Does osteoporosis cause hip pain? Are you experiencing sciatica? Where is it coming from? If it is OA what can be done to prevent further degeneration? Does diet have anything to do with it? At what point should hip replacement be considered? Dr. Lani will review x-rays and case studies.

November 16th  Saturday
OSTEOPOROSIS AND FRACTURES - presentation by Dr. Simpson

Osteoporosis fractures occur when the bones are in poor health. However, some fractures do involve some trauma, but do they reflect the health of our bones? Vertebral fractures are common and more common with each decade of life over the age of 50. When a vertebral fracture is found incidentally on an x-ray, what does it tell you about your current bone health. Is the fracture new or old?

November 20thWednesday
Kidneys and our Bones Interview and Presentation with John R. Asplin MD

Dr. Asplin is a well-respected nephrologist and has presented at Osteoporosis conferences. Urine pH and why it is critical for kidney and bone health. 24 hour urine test - how reliable is it? What does it tell us? Elevated urinary calcium can be a sign that your kidney's are not re-uptaking calcium, as they should. Should everyone diagnosed with osteoporosis have a 24 hour urine test? What does the eGFR test tell us about our kidneys?

January 9th:  Q&A with Dr. Simpson
5:30pm – 6:30pm PT (8:30pm ET) Wednesday
Recording of live event: 
you will receive a private link to view this recording for one month after which it will not be available.

45 minutes Dr. Simpson will show a presentation regarding vertebral fracture assessment and some information regarding fractures and density testing. She will entertain a lively Q&A – come prepared. This webinar will help everyone get familiar with ZOOM, which is very easy to use.

January 23rd:  Fractures, Facts and Fears Part One
Lani Simpson DC, CCD presentation
5:30pm – 6:30pm PT (8:30pm ET) Wednesday
Recording of live event:
you will receive a private link to view this recording for one month after which it will not be available.

  • What fractures indicate
  • Vertebral augmentation following fractures – who needs it? What is benefit risk ratio?
  • How bones fracture and why

February 13th: Bone Density Testing Part One
Lani Simpson DC, CCD presentation
5:30pm to 6:30pm PT (8:30 ET)

Get your bone density test results ready.If you haven’t done so already, please try to get the diagnostic pages from the bone density facility that did your scans. You can look at the back of Dr. Lani’s book to see the pages.

To be better prepared for this webinar read the chapters on bone density in D. Lani's Book

What you will learn:

  • How to determine whether or not your bone density tests have been properly analyzed and reported. Clearly, there are nuances that only a trained clinical densitometrist would be able to determine. However, you will be able to catch the most common errors after this webinar.
  • How much weight should you give your bone density test?
  • Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) – what does this information tell us?
    • What is the % of error on the TBS?

February 27th: Dr. Lani LIVE presentation
Lani Simpson DC, CCD, and women's heath expert, Judy Lane, NP
5:30pm to 6:30pm PT (8:30 ET) Wednesday
Hormones, Schmoremones

  • There is a lot of confusion regarding the use of hormones for bone health. Women can lose as much as 20% of their bone density following menopause. This typically impacts small framed women.
  • How to prevent post-menopause bone loss
  • Who might consider hormone therapy (HT) and who should not consider HT
  • What tests are needed to assess hormone status in pre and postmenopausal women.
  • How do hormones impact men?

March 13th: Osteoporosis Medications: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Jennifer Schneider MD, Ph.D and Lani Simpson DC, CCD
5:30pm to 6:30pm PT (8:30 ET) Wednesday

Dr. Schneider is a physician certified in Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Pain Management. She is the author of 9 books and numerous articles in professional journals. In 2008 and 2010, she and others, presented a report to the FDA regarding femur fractures associated with long-term bisphosphonate use.

We will have a lively discussion on the topic. Both of us agree that wise use of medications is needed for some people. Are medications over-prescribed? How do medications work. What about the new medications? Is estrogen an option to halt bone loss?

Book reading: Read chapter in Dr. Lani’s book on medications

March 27: Osteo-Arthritis with Dr. Lani Simpson

April 10th: Discover What’s New with Vitamin K2: Bone Health and Beyond
Kate Rheaume-Bleue, ND and Lani Simpson DC, CCD

5:30pm to 6:30pm PT (8:30 ET) Wednesday

Dr. Kate Rheaume-Blue is the author of,Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox:
How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life

  • Vitamin K1 conversion to K2 - if and how?
  • New studies on MK7 and or MK4
  • Any studies regarding K2 and osteocalcin?
  • Interplay with calcium and vitamin D?
  • MK7 soy or garbanzo beans?
  • Testing for vitamin K deficiency - is it reliable?

April 24th: Interview with surgeon and parathyroid expert Deva Boone MD

Dr. Boone is a parathyroid expert and she specializes in parathyroid surgery at the Norman Parathyroid Center.

Topics will include:

  • The importance of the parathyroid glands and bone health
  • Primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism?
  • The importance of understanding your blood calcium level.
  • How common is parathyroid disease?
  • Vitamin D – are some people taking too much?
  • What lab tests show abnormal parathyroid function.

May  8th:   Lab Tests, Part One with Dr. Lani.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, PTH-Intact, Hormones, Thyroid. cortisol and more. Bone Markers will be covered in June after Dr. Lani attends an osteoporosis conference for an update.

May 15th:   Case study and Interview with Dr. Lani and Guest

This webinar will focus on bone loss during pregnancy and whose at risk. Pregnancy and lactation osteoporosis will be featured with woman that sustained a fracture during the birthing process. Could osteoporosis later in live be linked to earlier pregnancy?

May 29th:Dr. Lani's Case Study, in Her Own Words
Dr. Lani will discuss her own case. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis in her mid-40s. She is now 70 years of age. Bone density and lab tests will be discussed along with what her own program has been over the years. You may be surprised!
June 5
Dr. Lani will discuss new medical information from the bone conference, 14th Annual Update on Osteoporosis and Skeletal Health. The list of presentations and relevant topics is one of the best that I have seen. Don't miss the updates on bone medications, trabecular bone score, kidney disease and much more.

June 12
Interview with orthopedic surgeon Robert Purchase. Dr. Purchase specializes in shoulder and knee surgery. We will be able to hear the opinion of a surgeon who operates on bone. We will hear about what he sees and experiences with healthy versus unhealthy bone while operating. We will also be discussing frozen shoulder and how to prevent this common condition, especially in women post-menopause. Other shoulder conditions will also be discussed. Knee surgeries and what you need to know will also be discussed.
June 26th Live Q&A with Dr. Lani
Q&A LIVE with Dr. Lani this coming Wednesday, June 24th Master Class. Come on down!!!

July 3rd What Is Your Personal Fracture Risk?

Assessing Your Personal Fracture Risk. Using the FRAX 10-year fracture model. How accurate is FRAX? Does it speak to you? Please read the Chapter in Dr. Lani's Book on FRAX. How does TBS (trabecular bone score) fit in?

July 17th Nutrition and Bone Health

Dr. Simpson will use the Nutrition Chapter in her book as a guide for this webinar. What about all the diets that are promoted, from so many sources and health care providers? Are they good for your bone health? Vegan, Keto diet, Mediterranean diet are just three that will be discussed. What nutrients do you need? Can we get all our calcium from our food?

IT BE YOUR ADRENALS? Could it be both?

This webinar will focus on testing and symptoms for thyroid and adrenal function. Symptoms include: Anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, bone loss, dry skin, hair loss, cold and/or heat intolerance, weight gain (however, many have low weight) and a slew of other symptoms.Tests can be normal and you can still have a thyroid or adrenal problem. There will be one or two additional webinars in this series as there is a lot to learn.

July 31st: COULD IT BE YOUR THYROID? COULD IT BE YOUR ADRENALS? Could it be both? (Part 2)

August 14th: Dr. Lani Reviews Exercise Programs for Osteoporosis

August 21st: What is Causing that Back Pain?Presentation with Dr. Lani Simpson - Sciatica, stenosis, muscle, ligaments, disc herniation, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis

August 28th: Interview with Didier Hans PhD., MBA, LIVE from Switzerland -Trabecular Bone Score from the doctor that developed it, Dr. Didier Hans, PhD. MBA

September 4th: LIVE Q&A with Dr. Lani Plus the relationship between Vitamin B12, other B vitamins and our Bone Health. Finally, the latest on Boron - are high doses safe or even good for our bones?

September 11th: What is Causing that neck pain?Dr. Lani will present common conditions that result in neck pain, plus she will demonstrate exercises for a healthy cervical home care.

September 25th: Digestion: Bone Health, Gut Health - with Laura Knoff, B.S., Certified Nutrition Consultant. Join Laura and I for a lively discussion regarding digestion. Topics to be covered: IBS, diagnostics, including stool testing and at home testing methods. We will discuss Strategies & Recipes for Eating well with IBS, Indigestion and other Digestive Disorders. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University, and was a Senior Research Associate in the Lipoprotein Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for eight years. She is an IET/Bauman College certified Nutrition Consultant and has been studying nutrition since 1975. She is a Nutrition Consultant instructor at Bauman College since 2000. She is a founding professional member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by NANP. She is the author of “Veggiewoman’s Guide to Health: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Eating” and “The Whole-Food Guide to Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Strategies & Recipes for Eating well with IBS, Indigestion and other Digestive Disorders”.

October 2nd: Stress, Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Osteocalcin -  New studies reveal stunning information about how our bodies respond to stress, especially bone!

OCTOBER 16THWednesday 5:30pm

Dr. Ott's Calculation Tool for Bone Density.

How do you use this tool? Dr. Lani will go over how to use this tool and how to incorporate this tool in bone density diagnostics. Small, medium and large bones will be discussed. Measure your wrist size before the webinar.

What other information can we glean from DXA reports? What other issues increase or decrease your fracture risk?

How Alkaline Can You Be? The acid Alkaline Debate

Oct 23, 2019 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
How important is an Alkaline Diet? Overrated?There is a lot of information on the internet regarding maintaining an alkaline diet. How important is this for our health and our bones? Can we be too alkaline? Do we need to purchase alkaline machines for our water? What are the risks of being too acidic? Does our urine pH inform us of anything useful?

Oct 30, 2019 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Dr. LANI Reviews New Case Studies that will include Bone Density and Lab Results:Dr. Lani will focus on the GRAY area - who is in the gray area? The gray area is an area where you may or may not need medications for your bones. Have you fractured? Does it count as a risk factor? So much to discuss about this topic - don't miss this webinar.
Upcoming - thyroid expert, ONJ expert and knee orthopedist specialist and much more - learn from the best.

  • Fractures – what they mean and what you need to know should you end up in an emergency room. What questions to ask before submitting to surgeries.
  • PAIN – WHAT IS CAUSING IT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT – diagnosis is important for those suffering from acute or chronic pain. What do you need to make sure has been ordered on your behalf? Has surgery been recommended? What do you need to know about various types of surgery? What nutrients may help? What topical creams may help? Each of the topics below will likely be a separate presentation. I will show x-rays, MRIs, anatomy images to help you visualize your particular problem.

    ◦ Hip and lower back pain
    ◦ Sciatica
    ◦ Shoulder pain
    ◦ Knee pain
    ◦ Neck pain
    ◦ Abdominal pain
    ◦ Pain in other areas
    • How to check your own bone density tests for obvious errors - tips to look for regarding the diagnostic pages and the reliability of the report
    • Osteoarthritis how to prevent and treat
    • Testing bone quality – Trabecular Bone Score
    • FRAX: Understanding the 10-year fracture model.
    • New research commentary videos
    • The link between heart disease and osteoporosis
    • Scoliosis and osteoporosis
    • Anomalies and how they may impact osteoporosis in the spine.
    • SPINE: structural and functional problems. Topics include: stenosis, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and more.
    • GERD
    • Hormones
    • Medications and their impact on bone
    • Latest studies regarding osteoporosis medications
    • Pregnancy and lactation osteoporosis
    • Case studies: osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances
    • Sinus infections and sinus care
    • Digestion tips
    • Demystifying nutrients needed for bone health
    • Protein, how much and what type do we need.
    • Headaches
    • Hypothyroidism
    • How to get a good night’s sleep – pillows, props, mattresses, Oh my!
    • Primary Hyperparathyroidism
    • Lab tests to determine whether or not active bone loss is occurring.
    • Case studies using people in the group and others I have worked with
    • Exercise videos and body mechanics - upper body weights. How to perform certain exercises correctly etc.