Professional Public Speaker & Media Personality

A riveting, seasoned, professional speaker, Dr. Lani expounds and astounds audiences with the fascinating world of bones, bone health, and osteoporosis.

Dr. Simpson in Action

Presentation Topics

  • Down to the BONE! Never too early or too late to gain quality bone mass
  • Digestive Disorders: Diagnosis and Alternative Treatments
  • Menopause and PMS: Balancing Hormones, Balanced Life


Dr. Lani is available for keynotes, workshops and online presentations.

Community Venues

You provide the group, and Dr. Lani will present a book reading and signing. We will also post your upcoming event on our website, newsletters and social media.

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Doctor's Offices

This is a great way to offer patient education and attract new patients to your office.

Libraries, Women's Clubs, YMCA's

Invite Dr. Lani to speak at your office, event or group.