Own the PBS Healthy Bone Collection

May 03, 2016

Own the PBS Healthy Bone Collection

"A sparkling and vital introduction for women (and men, too) about how to prevent or minimize the damage from osteoporosis through diet, exercise, and awareness. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter, Dr. Simpson with her skeleton assistant, Bonita, bring vividly to life critical information about a part of ourselves we all take for granted — our bones." 
Eve Siegel, KQED member & Certified Life Coach

Own the show, 4-chapter DVD with over 2 hours of content, and 30-page pocket guide!

Get recipes, medical and fracture proofing checklists, and exercises to build bone vitality!


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“The Right Moves for Strong Bones”

Indoor and outdoor exercises to improve balance, posture, and strength. Reduce injury and fracture!

“Fracture-Proof Your Surroundings”

Fracture-proof home and surroundings with critical safety tips. Easy solutions to key hazards!

“Feeding your Bones”

With Holistic Bone Health Coach, Irma Jennings, learn to cook bone-nutrient rich dishes!

“Minding your Bones”

With meditation trainer Patricia Ellsberg, personal stories and mindful ways to physical confidence.