Spotlight on Sun Protection Products

April 09, 2008 2 min read

Spotlight on Sun Protection Products

Studies have shown that those who use sunscreen products regularly have an increase risk of developing skin cancer.

Following are some of the most likely causes for this increase:

  • Sunscreens allow for a false sense of security, so users stay out in the sun longer and more often, increasing their risk of sunburn and lifetime exposure.
  • Increase in sun-related activity and sports that often involve hours of sun exposure.
  • Until the mid -1990’s, most sunscreens only blocked UVB rays. People were out in the sun for hours with no protection from UVA rays. UVA rays were once thought to be the, “safe” ultraviolet light but now research shows that UVA also contributes to many forms of skin cancer.
  • While less accepted, chemicals used in sunscreen products may contribute to free-radical damage of the skin and may also contribute to skin cancer or worse, other forms of cancer. Just think about it - we slather some cheep chemical product all over our body, then expose the skin to the sun and extreme heat. The pores on our skin open up and, yep you guessed it, some of these chemicals absorb quite readily into our blood stream. In fact, many of the chemicals used to protect against skin cancer exhibit hormonal activity and are known carcinogens. In addition, 95% of all cosmetic products (including sunscreens) contain preservatives collectively known as parabens. Many people are allergic to parabens and when exposed to heat will develop a rash. My December newsletter dealt with parabens. You can access that newsletter on my website, under Newsletters at the top of the screen.
  • Poor quality oils or other substandard ingredients may also increase oxidative damage to the skin.

Another little caveat is that an SPF 8 or higher will significantly decrease vitamin D production. Vitamin D protects against many forms of cancer including, breast, prostate and colon cancers.

Other Contributing Factors to the Rise in Skin Cancer

  • People are living longer, thus have more time to develop cancer.
  • Ozone depletion causes more intense rays to reach the earth.
  • Poor nutrition in general will produce weaker skin. Hydrogenated oils for example, weaken skin tissue.
  • Diets high in sugar – cancers love sugar.

Using sun protection is important, however it is also important to purchase chemical-free sun protection products and use common sense when it comes to sun exposure. Visit my website to access the complete article on sun products.

More to come, including citations - this is my first blog and I am just excited to be writing something.