Sinusitis: Causes, Remedies
Dr. Lani Simpson

Everyone gets a sinus infection from time to time, however chronic sinus infections can rob you of sleep, energy and frankly, a good mood. Note are included with this purchase.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Causes of sinus infections
    • is it structural?
    • allergies, bacterial, virus or a combination?
  • Beyond Neti pots
    • what can be used to treat our sinus infections nutritionally and topically?
  • Is tinnitus - ringing in the ears caused by sinus infections?
  • Do sinus infections cause or make worse lung conditions?

Once you learn how to take care of your sinuses, for most people, antibiotics will be a thing of the past. Dr. Simpson will also discuss her thoughts on types of sinus surgeries and when to consider.