Bone Density Small & Large Bones Video

Small bone are a risk factor for osteoporosis, but why? In this video Dr. Lani discusses Dr. Ott’s calculation tool for shorter people. Video only.

  • Do you have other risk factors for fractures due to other issues?
  • There are mechanical difference in our hips and spine. These differences should be considered when weighing individual fracture risk.
  • Dr. Ott’s Calculation Tool for Bone Density.
  • How do you use this tool?
  • Dr. Lani will show you how to use this tool and how to incorporate this tool in bone density diagnostics. Small, medium and large bones will be discussed. Measure your wrist size before the webinar.
  • What other information can we glean from DXA reports?
  • What other issues increase or decrease your fracture risk?