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Full video length: 1 hour 

Osteoporosis medication: what should you know?  

The field of bone medications is vast and ever-evolving; if you're confused it makes sense.

Join Dr. Lani for an overview of Osteoporosis medications. In this webinar she discusses Evenity, Evista, Prolia, Forteo, Tymlos, anabolic medications, antiresoptive medications and more. She shares her most recent research, risks and benefits for you to consider regarding your health, appropriate tests and medical information, and questions to ask your doctor.

This is a fantastic overview of medications that will help you understand this category of treatment. You can purchase in-depth videos on each medication in the store. 

General information on common side effects, myths, and a Q and A section is included! 

This recording is taken from Dr. Lani's Bone Health Master Class.

Released in March, 2023.