Bone Health, Osteoporosis and Diagnosis Course

February 27, 2023 2 min read

Bone Health, Osteoporosis and Diagnosis Course

Coming soon: Dr. Lani’s Bone Health Course for Health Practitioners and Laypeople

Visit our Bone Health Course page for more information.

Understanding bone health is important for those of us in the health field. The diagnosis of osteoporosis threatens an individual's physical independence, and we need more practitioners and interested laypeople to learn about diagnosis. One person may have osteoporosis because they did not build a good bone density by the time they were 30 due to an eating disorder or many other reasons. For people who menstruate, it may be due to estrogen loss at menopause. And, for others it can be a digestive issue, not enough exercise, kidney, thyroid, parathyroid and many other possibilities. Dates for this course will be coming out soon. It will begin in the early fall or before. Keep an eye on upcoming newsletters for the dates.

  • Continuing Education credits: CE credits are not available at this time
  • Certification of completion will be offered to those interested in developing their own patient program
  • Ongoing Case study meeting group: Once doctors have completed the program you can let your patients know
  • Patient questionnaires and other documents you will need to start your own educational program.

    14 hour course program with notes included
  1. Osteoporosis Diagnosis – Understanding bone health
  2. Bone density testing (DXA) – how to read DXA images to verify whether or not a bone density test is accurate
  3. Fracture Risk Assessment Tools: FRAX, Garvan and other future fracture risk models
  4. Bone Density Testing in Depth
  5. Fractures and what they tell us: low trauma, no trauma, stress fractures and insufficiency fractures
  6. Lab Testing for Bone Part One: Basic screening tests
  7. Lab Testing for Bone Part Two: Learning about bone turnover markers and active bone loss
  8. Hormones: At menopause and 5 years post up to 20% bone loss can occur due to estrogen loss
  9. Osteoporosis Medications: What are they and how do they work?
  10. Alternative treatment options: What works, what doesn’t work
  11. Fight Fractures with Food: The core to any treatment program including digestive issues such as malabsorption
  12. Fight Fractures with Food Part two
  13. Exercise and Osteoporosis: What exercise program is right for osteoporosis – this is best defined by understanding how at risk a patient is to fracture. Strength training and impact are best for bone.
  14. Case Studies: Learn from some case studies how I handled and diagnosed cases – this is just the beginning.